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The Vision

"Make your space count"

— Austen Robinson, CEO

Our mission here at XoFlo is to make People Counting services available to everyone, supporting better-informed business decision making, by using a data-led approach to understanding how physical spaces are actually being used.

We believe that...

People Counting shouldn’t only be available to Big Business and deep pockets.

Valuable new insights can be gained from understanding how spaces are actually being used, and when.

Premises are often the most expensive P&L category, so should be maximised.

Real-time, accurate data facilitates enhanced decision making possibilities.

The XoFlo service successfully combines all of these elements

So by making things...
  1. SIMPLE - to buy & use

  2. EASY - to install & connect

  3. AFFORDABLE - with a low monthly subscription

… we’ve made this a reality.

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