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A simple way to understand how your space is being used.

A simple way to understand how your space is being used.

Step 1


Devices are easily installed, placing them above an entrance to your space.

Step 2


Connect your device to your WiFi, via our app, to enable data collection.

Step 3

Live Data

Instantly see live counts from your space on our mobile App.

Our team has been developing people tracking technology for a long time, and now we are going to change the way you interact with your business on a daily basis

Take away the guess work.


 The Device 

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Highly Accurate

Our smart algorithms are coupled with the latest in 3D vision technologies, to ensure that the XoFlo People Counting service is highly accurate, robust, and offers class-leading levels of shape detection.


This ensures that the data we provide is live, accurate and meaningful. It’s data that you can rely upon to make your business decisions.

Easy To Install

The XoFlo device has been designed to revolutionise the way that People Counting services are made available to everyone…by allowing you, the user, to self-install the device that provides the counts.


That’s right, no need for complicated and expensive installation engineers or visits, you simply take the device out of the box, fix it to the ceiling above your entrance, and then configure it with our XoFlo App on your mobile phone. It’s that simple.

GDPR Compliant

Our People Counting service is completely anonymous, meaning that you, your staff and your customers can always be relaxed in the knowledge that our device recognises only that a person has entered or left a space, and never identifies who that person is.


It’s a totally anonymous service, and it always will be.

The App

Clean Data

Our mission is to deliver clean easily-understood data to your pocket. We’ve spent hours refining our App, creating beautiful graphs and showing you your key metrics.

Multi Location

It’s key to know and understand the usage of all your organisation’s buildings. With one account you can keep track of everything, anywhere.

Real-time Occupancy

It’s important to know your building’s capacity and occupancy levels. The XoFlo App helps you keep track of your live and past occupancy.


We create archives, meaning you can look back through your old weekly, monthly or yearly reports. You can easily compare current performance to historic data.

Live Data

Gone are the days of manual clickers. We show you live data of your buildings IN’s & OUT’s, meaning you can make informed decisions in real-time.

Monthly Reporting

Our monthly tailored report will show you key long-term data which you can use alongside other data sources (eg. sales data) to help you shape the decision making for your business.

We continue to push ourselves, supporting our early access partners in Retail, Hospitality and Office spaces, providing new insights into their business operations with our real-time data-led services.

Join the first wave of early adopters.


We are currently shipping our first wave of new devices. Don't wait, register your interest to access exclusive previews & receive 10% off your first XoFlo device.

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