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What's in the Box

device Outline Thickest black.png

The Device

Mount Outline.png
Power Cable.png

Mounting Bracket

Power Cable
& Extension (4.5m)

Device Placement

Mounting Updated.png

Fig.3  Top Down View

Fig.1  Front View

Fig.2  Side View

Configuration and setup.png
Mounting Direction.png

Step 1 - Simple Installation

1. Install the Mounting Bracket on the ceiling inside the chosen Entrance/Exit to the Space. (See Figs. above)

2. Ensure that the Mounting Bracket is placed centrally to the Entrance (Fig.3) and is within the Ceiling Height Zone (Fig.1) of between 2.3m and 3.5m

3. The Mounting Bracket should point away from the chosen Entrance (Fig.2) and so follow the direction of travel for a person entering into the Space.   

4. Clip the Device into the Mounting Bracket. 

5. Power the Device by connecting the Power Supply. 

Step 2 - Service Set Up

Step 2 - Service Set Up

Step 2 - Service Set Up

Step 2 - Service Set Up

Step 2 - Service Set Up

Download our App to set up the live count service.
If you are installing multiple devices, power and successfully configure them individually, one at a time, see step 3.

mobile-phone. bLACK(1).png

1. Activate your account in the App using the PIN from your original introductory email.

2. Then name your space.

3. Connect your Device to the WiFi network.

(Note: If you intend to permanently connect the device via Ethernet cable, first configure the device through the app using a WiFi connection)

Step 3 - Multiple Devices (Optional)

1. Once your first device has been successfully configured (steps 1 and 2 completed), then power your second device.

2. On the XoFlo app go into 'Settings' and press the 'configure' button. 

3. Follow the onscreen steps to connect and configure the second device. 

4. Repeat these steps to configure each additional device to your space. 


Step 4 - Now go to the app and see your live data. 

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